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Plastic Bags & Barrier Netting

Plastic bags

Dubaco supplies assorted bags, available in various sizes or tailor made. Products available are sampling bags, refuse bags or industrial / mining heavy duty bags.

Dubaco can supply virgin and recycled polyethylene in clear, tinted and opaque colours. We supply a wide range of standard stock lines as well as developing custom products to best satisfy your packaging needs. Some of our products include:

  • Sample bags
  • Refuse bags
  • Colored plastic bags
  • Chevron Tape
  • Plastic Packaging
  • Packaging tape
  • Shrink wrap
  • Paper bags
  • Tubing
  • Shrink tubing
  • Adhesive tape
  • Shopping bag
  • Plastic bag printing
  • Sheeting
  • Bag seals
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Barrier Netting

Barrier Netting supplied by Dubaco is a demaraction net used extensively for cordoning off building and construction sites and dangerous work areas.

Our Barrier Netting is a tough High Density Polyethylene knitted net which has excellent weathering, chemical and crack-resistant properties.

This barrier netting boasts five bold yellow fluorescent bands, giving it the advantage of excellent properties for visibility. It also comes with the unique "Buggle Tube" on both top and bottom edges. Each "Buggle Tube" contains a twisted cord that is used for attaching support poles and stakes. Special pigments and UV stabilisers are incorporated in all yarns for colour stability and product longevity against fading and UV degradation.

Product Specifications
HEIGHT  1 metre
ROLL LENGTH  50 metre
ROLL MASS  +- 2 kgs
PACKAGE SIZE  450mm long x 230mm diameter
COLOUR  A blaze orange base fabric boasting 5 bold eye-catching yellow fluorescent bands  
ULTRAVIOLET STABILISERS    Incorporated in all yarns for added product longevity against UV degradation