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Dubaco is licensed to distribute all CAB products in the Mpumalanga, South Africa region.

Cab Lifeline

The CAB Lifeline is an emergency escape rope designed to help evacuate an underground mine in the event of a fire or explosion. Research by the U.S. Bureau of Mines has shown that the presence of a dense smoke rope can improve the chances for a successful escape when a fire breaks out in an underground mine. The CAB Lifeline, with it's sturdy directional cones, will help lead employees to the slope and shaft rather than getting lost or confused in an actual emergency

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Each standard spool of Lifeline contains 91.44m or 304.8m of 6.35mm yellow polypropylene rope with 4 orange directional indicators installed at 7.62m, 22.86m or 304.8m intervals. All cones and rope are flame retardant. CAB's directional indicators are moulded in a solid cone for extra strength and durability. The cone size and shape is specifically designed to prevent a hand grip from being broken when in actual use. For added security and tamper resistance all cones are firmly attached to the LIFELINE with solid corrosion resistant stop sleeves. For added safety, reflective tape is applied on all cones and on the rope at 7.62m intervals. This provides faster identification of the Lifeline and indicates the proper direction of travel for escape from the mine.

CAB LIFELINE sections are quickly and securely locked together with extra heavy duty rated oval sleeves, galvanized thimbles and galvanized quick links. A wide variety of CAB hangers can be used to install the LIFELINE from the side wall or roof of the mine. CAB rope hangers can suspend the LIFELINE at any height desirable in mines with higher roof conditions. Other colours of cones and reflective strips are also available.




 BOX WT. (2 spools/Box)


 91.44 m

 7.62 m

 9.07 kg


 91.44 m

 22.86 m

 5.44 kg


 91.44 m

 30.48 m

 5.44 kg


 304.8 m

 30.48 m

 14.97 kg

  • For higher visibility and to meet new MSHA regulations, all CAB Lifeline is marked with reflective tape at 7.62m intervals.
  • All styles of Lifeline are available with the moveable cones that can field positioned in any location on the lifeline.
  • Additional cones can be added to any style Lifeline
CAB hooks and hangers, cable rings and saddles and mine safety products are the way to go for the safe support of electrical cables, pipe, tubing, and all types of computer, sensor, communication and control wiring. A wide variety of designs and styles lets you choose the product best suited to your individual requirements.

CAB products are manufactured to rigid standards of quality and performance and are used in the most demanding above and below ground applications. High quality spring steel and abrasion resistant high dielectric grade plastisol coatings are used to insure maximum strength and safety.

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